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The author acknowledges everyone who helped this Garden grow:


John and Karen McDaid of the Torvex Media Archive; Michael, Eamon, Jeremiah, and other Joyces; Martha Petry and Carolyn Guyer, sisters in craft; Jay David Bolter, without whom nothing; J. Yellowlees Douglas, who always knows best; Mark Bernstein, keeper of the Eastgate; Ron Warren Evans for the Interactive Dream; Elli Mylonas, David Durand, and CHUG for listening; W. Joe Hoppe and Polly Monear for art and conversation; Terry Harpold for navigation; Linda Brodkey and John Slatin for starting all the trouble; Erica Kaplan Farrell for calligraphy; James Derderian for explaining the Game Plan; Theodor Holm Nelson and Jorge Luis Borges for seeing it all before; and Nancy Kaplan for love, suffering, and forbearance.


Arlo Ptolemy, ace project manager, creative consultant, and Bugfinder General; Andrew Thompson, master of the interface and coder after my own heart; Austin Gohl and Holly Slocum, Web designers nonpareil; Dene Grigar, genius of the NEXT and muse-goddess of e-lit. Mariusz Pisarski has contributed crucial post-release checking.

Thanks again to Mark Bernstein for wisdom and Tinderbox; to Bill Bly for getting me past the first fail point; to Nick Montfort for "Victory Garden 2000" (okay); to Alice Bell, Astrid Ensslin, Richard Holeton, and all bandmates in ELO (ours), long may we run. Without the sustenance of colleagues and students at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, I would never have made it back to the Garden. Special credit to Rainer Wren Dalton for inspiring the new arcana.

My deepest debts are to Robert Coover, whose writing has always been the real benchmark, and Michael Joyce, hero, example, inspiration, and friend.

This work is dedicated to D.M., for the moment and enduring memory.